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I would like an accountant that understands my farm business?
Davies, Edwards & Co has extensive experience of working with farming clients and associated businesses.  We understand agricultural terms and are confident that we can offer the tailored service you are looking for.  Many of our staff are connected to the farming community and Mr Edwards (partner) can be found driving a tractor each weekend.

I am thinking of starting to work for myself, can you help me?
We have helped many clients set up their own businesses.  There is no more satisfying experience than working for yourself.  From carpenters to restaurateurs – we have guided our clients.  Contact us for a consultation meeting.

My business has grown fast.  But so has the time I have to spend on managing the finance and payroll.  Is there anyway I can return to spending more time on my business?
Here at Davies, Edwards & Co, we are flexible and can offer many services increasing your business’ efficiency.  We could run your payroll, manage your bookkeeping and produce your annual accounts. 

I have run the family business for my lifetime and now would like to retire and pass it on to another member of the family.  What is the best exit strategy to take?
You have a variety of options.  You also need expert advice as soon as possible.  Not taking advice at an early stage could leave you paying more tax than you have to.  Contact us so that we can find out more about your personal circumstances.

I think I’m paying too much tax!
We understand, no-one likes to part from their earnings if they don’t have to.  Our tax experts can assess your situation and make possible recommendations for reducing your tax bill.

I have received a Self Assessment Tax form but don’t know how to fill it in?
Many people are confused by the Inland Revenue’s Self Assessment Forms.  We can ensure your tax form is completed with the minimum of hassle